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Four Inmates Escape Through Jail's Shower

Four Inmates Escape Through Jail's Shower

Caddo County jail in Oklahoma houses four fewer inmates today after the prisoners successfully pulled off a "Shawshank Redemption"-like escape through a shower in the jail. 

According to CNN, the prisoners broke through a wall in the shower area and crawled through a pipe space to get to freedom. 

Three of the escaped inmates—21-year-old Dylan Ray Three Irons, 23-year-old Prime Brown and 24-year-old Anthony James Mendonc—had been convicted of methamphetamine possession and were awaiting transfer to a state prison. The fourth escapee, 32-year-old Triston Cheadle, was scheduled to be trialed for a a federal gun charge. 

Prison officials warn the escaped inmates may be armed and dangerous. 


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